Our Approach

Local Reach

Extensive networks and relationships, creating unparalleled depth and breadth

Our established network and deep relationships span across multiple ASEAN countries. Our founding partners have collectively over 100 years of experience working in various markets in the region, during which they built their reputations, networks and relationships. Their coverage of the region is enhanced by a senior management team and advisers.

ASEAN is synonymous with diversity. It isn’t just the 10 countries that are different – each country has a myriad of socio-political, economic and legal complexities. As such, depth and breadth of local knowledge and networks are essential, to source and understand opportunities, as well as navigate local rules, regulations and other practical realities.

Forging Partnerships

Connecting network and capital together to create opportunities

Our fundamental view is that strong returns are generated by partnerships, between capital and entrepreneurs, between companies themselves, and between companies and people. We will seek opportunities to be partners and to bring together partners, within and across ASEAN markets, by leveraging our unparalleled networks. 

Driving Growth

Knowledge and insight to transform local businesses into local and regional champions

Once we invest in a company, we are committed to supporting its growth, deploying our knowledge and networks to help them conceptualise, implement and realise their strategies. By building more business champions, we help build a greater ASEAN.

Our Focus Sectors

Financial Services
Transportation / Logistics

Our approach is underpinned by well-defined investment hypotheses, driven by strong, secular trends. We prioritise businesses that capitalise on the region’s increasing disposable income, lifestyle changes and supply-demand gaps.

We will always time and structure our investments to optimise the balance of risks and returns.